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2019 District IE Competition

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified to compete at the District 6 Individual Event Competition on December 7th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:


  1. Emily Stead – MilkMilkLemonade / Be Aggressive
  2. Jessica Barrios – The Drunken City / 18 More Reasons Not to be in a Play
  3. Diana Duran – Bike America / The 1st Annual Achadamee Awards
  4. Justin Conti – Testing, Testing / Governing Alice
  5. Gavin Ott – I Hate Hamlet / The Diaries of Adam and Eve
  6. Kelsey Jager – Tales from the Arabian Mice / Charming Princes


  1. Mairin Couch / Cayden Franz – Too Fabulous to Fail
  2. Diana Duran / Nicole Rodriguez – Women in Motion
  3. Jordyn Meyers / Reid Ott – The Death of an Insurance Salesman


  1. Cadee Schultz – Watch What Happens from Newsies
  2. Natalie Solis – Shopping Around from Wish You Were Here
  3. Diana Duran – Calm from Ordinary Days
  4. Jessica Barrios – Pulled from The Addams Family
  5. Keddreck Toussaint – This is the Moment from Jekyll & Hyde
  6. Dominique Loyd – Disneyland from Smile
  7. Connor Stanley – Lost in the Darkness from Jekyll & Hyde


  1. Cadee Schultz / Natalie Solis – Calm, Cool, and Collected from Calvin Berger
  2. Gavin Ott / Reid Ott – Agony from Into the Woods


  1. Reid Ott
  2. Emily Stead
  3. Jessica Barrios


  1. Winter Edson


  1. Savannah Glesmer
  2. Dominique Loyd

Auditions & Casting

Auditions and casting are two of the most difficult jobs a director has to do. I spent weeks (months, really) before the audition dates studying and thinking about the show and each character in it. Casting a show with such well-known characters is even more challenging. I had to decide what were the most important traits I was looking for in each character and then match the actor who has most of those traits. Casting is an emotionally draining and complex process. Casting correctly is the single most important facet of what can be done to ensure the success of any show.

Casting a show is like a puzzle. I had more “pieces” to choose from than there were spots in the puzzle. Auditioning is a competitive and daunting process. The feeling of rejection from not getting cast is unavoidable and completely normal. Your audition is successful if you learned something and if you did your best. Not every role is right for every actor. I want everyone that came out to audition to know, that in theatre, there is a home for everyone. Continue to audition, ask for feedback, and practice. But don’t give up.

Thank you, honestly, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come and audition for Clue. I hope to see you all (and more) at future auditions!

Miss Machol, director