2018-19 Wrap-Up

It was a busy year, for sure, but we had lots of fun. PRHS produced a musical (Sister Act) after having to skip a year.

Our students competed at State at did extremely well.

Amanda Stanley – Flowers in the Desert / The Girls EXCELLENT

Wilfredo Figueroa and Jessica Charles – Wait, Wait Bo EXCELLENT
Kristen Mendez and Brenda Morales – Girls Guide to Saving the World EXCELLENT

Cadee Schultz – “See, I’m Smiling” – Last Five Years SUPERIOR
Yadi Hernandez – “Quiet Night at Home” from Bare: A Pop Opera EXCELLENT

Savannah Glesmer – “I Looked in the Mirror and Didn’t See Me” EXCELLENT

We are looking forward to producing Clue and 9 to 5 The Musical in the 2019-2020. We thank you all for your continued support!

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