2019 District IE Competition

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified to compete at the District 6 Individual Event Competition on December 7th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:


  1. Emily Stead – MilkMilkLemonade / Be Aggressive
  2. Jessica Barrios – The Drunken City / 18 More Reasons Not to be in a Play
  3. Diana Duran – Bike America / The 1st Annual Achadamee Awards
  4. Justin Conti – Testing, Testing / Governing Alice
  5. Gavin Ott – I Hate Hamlet / The Diaries of Adam and Eve
  6. Kelsey Jager – Tales from the Arabian Mice / Charming Princes


  1. Mairin Couch / Cayden Franz – Too Fabulous to Fail
  2. Diana Duran / Nicole Rodriguez – Women in Motion
  3. Jordyn Meyers / Reid Ott – The Death of an Insurance Salesman


  1. Cadee Schultz – Watch What Happens from Newsies
  2. Natalie Solis – Shopping Around from Wish You Were Here
  3. Diana Duran – Calm from Ordinary Days
  4. Jessica Barrios – Pulled from The Addams Family
  5. Keddreck Toussaint – This is the Moment from Jekyll & Hyde
  6. Dominique Loyd – Disneyland from Smile
  7. Connor Stanley – Lost in the Darkness from Jekyll & Hyde


  1. Cadee Schultz / Natalie Solis – Calm, Cool, and Collected from Calvin Berger
  2. Gavin Ott / Reid Ott – Agony from Into the Woods


  1. Reid Ott
  2. Emily Stead
  3. Jessica Barrios


  1. Winter Edson


  1. Savannah Glesmer
  2. Dominique Loyd

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